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LexFUN!, originally called the Lexington Pre-School Association, was formally organized on September 7, 1942 by a group of Lexington parents. The official minutes from the 1942-43 Annual Report stated that, “It has the distinction of being the first pre-school association in Massachusetts to be in membership with the Massachusetts State Branch of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.” In September 1958, the still young organization began using the designation “Lexington Pre-School P.T.A.” in conversations and on its official forms: “LPPTA.” On September 1st, 2009 a press release was issued unveiling the new name: “Lexington’s Five and Under Network: LexFUN!” To this day, Lexington Five and Under Network, now known simply as LexFUN! is an avid supporter of the Massachusetts PTA.

Why Preschool?

Preschool is a great option for many families. Preschool advantages include a consistent structure and routine, and a focus on early education (which can inspire a love of learning). Most programs also teach children a variety of cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills.

Concerns with preschools include a lack of one-on-one time, beginning learning too early, and the challenges of taking a young child out of the home (and away from their parents).

The variety of quality preschool and daycare options in and around Lexington is staggering. Below you will find a number of them listed with quick links to their websites.

Choosing a preschool can be daunting at the best of times but right now there are even more questions and uncertainties. LexFUN!'s Preschool Ambassadors will not have all the answers but they can certainly offer insight and share our experience and knowledge of the extensive list of preschools in which we are enrolled. Sign into to access this great resource!

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