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Preschool Ambassador Program

Preschool in COVID times

In 2020, LexFUN! launched the Preschool Ambassador Program: an easy way for young parents like you to get the inside scope on local preschools directly from other local parents.

Those that volunteer for the LexFUN! Board span 20+ local preschools and we want to help you any way we can whilst you navigate your preschool choices.

Choosing a preschool can be daunting at the best of times but right now there are even more questions and uncertainties. We will not have all the answers but we can certainly offer insight and share our experience and knowledge of the extensive list of preschools in which we are enrolled.

If you have questions about any local preschool, complete this form and we will endeavor to connect you with another local parent who has children currently attending that preschool. It’s as simple as that! Are you wondering if the kiddos can really keep masks on? Do they still get to play? What happens with snack and lunch? Connect with us and you’ll get the inside scoop, it’s that easy!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please note: we are not endorsing any preschool, cannot provide enrollment information and we are not employees at the schools. We are parents with real life experience at many of the local preschools and we’d love to help you navigate your choices.

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