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Water Play - School-Age Kids

2 Apr 2020 8:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Water play isn't just for babies.  If you have older kiddos at home to get them in on the action. 

• Got Twinkle, Twinkle? Set out a half dozen large glasses, a pitcher of water and a spoon. Challenge kids to use them to make a xylophone that can play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (or any simple melody they love!).

• Got a water park? You likely don’t yet, but you can take those same “frog friends” or other small toys and build them a water park. Cut the bottoms off of recycled milk jugs or top and bottom off of cans. Grab funnels, turkey basters and even tinfoil—anything that can channel water. Use duct or packing tape to link them together to make channels of water and turn a bathroom, sink or bin into a water park for whichever toys you pick.

• Got various viscosities? Pour some oil into a glass. Partially fill another with water. Take time smelling, feeling and even tasting each of them. “What do you notice about the oil? the water?” Then, wonder, “What will happen when we put them together?” Welcome kids to pour a bit of each into a third glass. What do kids notice now? (Liquids layer!) Make predictions and test what happens with other combinations using liquids like molasses, honey, vinegar or whatever you’ve got on hand.

• Got lots of feelings? Sensory or “calming” jars help children focus inward, offering a positive support for sensory self-regulation. Fill a clear container with water, oil, or liquid dish soap, and an assortment of small nature items. Secure the lid and enjoy!

Thank you for all the water play ideas!


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